The NACON Lab, powered by our patented VirtualOnDemand® technology, is an ideal addition to the NACON Classroom to effectively develop your workforce’s skills with powerful, hands-on training through practical real world experience.

The NACON Lab offers:

  • OnDemand dynamic virtual machines and networks
  • Tools for student/instructor interaction
  • Easy integration with your NACON Classroom or existing Learning Management System

NACON also provides a full range of support services and customizations to allow maximum availability, scalability and manageability of your Lab.

Enhance the Distance Learning Experience

Students are better able to understand and apply learning material when they are given the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice. To address this need, the NACON Lab introduces students to our proven Read, See, Do model. This model explains concepts and information (Read), illustrates the application of this information (See), and encourages the practice of skills that utilize the newly gained knowledge (Do).

Unlike other distance learning and "virtual lab" models, which rely on simulations and Flash demonstrations, NACON's patented VirtualOnDemand® Lab technology allows students to use and configure software and hardware in a live network environment using a standard web browser.

With the NACON Lab, you can seamlessly integrate the “Do” into your students’ distance learning experience.lab_gradient

  • Create customized interactive lab environments that supplement and enhance the student training experience.
  • Reinforce concepts and procedures through remote interaction with real networks, real computers, and real software and hardware.
  • Reduce the cost of owning or distributing software or hardware for the purpose of training.
  • Integrate labs with existing schoolhouse training or web environments for flexibility in providing hands-on experience to your students.
  • Increase workforce retention of key skills by reinforcing what is learned through practice and real life scenarios.

For more information on our virtual hands-on Lab, contact our sales department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..