computer_with_army_home-screen_refreshNACON's Classroom offers comprehensive, online, role-based training that is secure and flexible. An advanced distance learning solution, the NACON Classroom is ideal for training your students on the tools, information and procedures necessary to impart cyber security and intelligence knowledge and skills during this crucial phase of cyber security initiatives.

A Virtual Range for All Your Training Needs

With the NACON Classroom, your students can experience the benefits of schoolhouse and range training wherever they have a computer and internet access.

  • Disseminate your training worldwide while decreasing student travel time and per diem expenses.
  • Configure and customize your classroom to meet the needs of your students.
  • Bring your training to life with media-rich content including flash, video, audio and text-based training presented through an intuitive, student-centric user interface.
  • Take advantage of the robust testing subsystem to created assessments and monitor student performance and improvement.
  • Increase productivity and employee engagement through effective learning retention methods that integrate a variety of training modalities.

Hands-On Training from Anywhere

The NACON Classroom is fully compatible with the NACON Lab, powered by our patented VirtualOnDemand® technology, which adds interactive practice to your course content. Integrate the NACON Lab with your classroom to reinforce concepts and procedures through hands-on practical exercises within our Lab environment.

Proven Performance

Our distance learning Classroom provides the best in training environments available today, and has trained more than one million students in information assurance and information security policy, software and tools.

Flexible Learning Options

The NACON Classroom provides the flexibility to offer both synchronous and asynchronous training to your students. Offer all training remotely through our Classroom, or integrate our Classroom content and tools into your current trainer-led schoolhouse training.

Additional benefits of the NACON Classroom include:

  • Easy to use reporting
  • Developer tools
  • Secure operating system
  • Flexible, customizable student classroom interface
  • Easy distribution to internal and external audiences
  • Live communication and collaboration over the Web
  • Rapid workforce training
  • Records and results tracking